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Changing the roller sleeve has never been easier

What is your favourite “trick”, when you want to make a break during the painting job? Cleaning the roller? Or wrapping a plastic foil aroud it? Whatever it may be – none of these ways is as efficient as RollMatic® by Nespoli.

Just put the roller into the attendant freshbox and an innovative mechanism releases the roller from the handle by simple pressing down the handle. Changing a roller sleeve has never been easier – and your hands stay totally clean.

It doesn´t matter if your break lasts only some hours or even days: Closing the box, the roller will not dry out for up to three weeks* and is always ready to use in this period. The perfect tool for all do-it-yourselfers with big projects and tight schedule.

*depending on the type of paint
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It takes a lot of time and patience to tape windows and corners before starting to paint your walls. But with Nespoli´s latest innovation EasyLiner®, this extensive work is not necessary anymore.

A simple, but clever mechanism turns a cover plate with additional bristles at the edge of the roller, so that only the demanded spaces of the walls will be painted – while plinths, windows and skirtings stay clean. And if you turn the cover plate back, the EasyLiner® can also be used comfortably as common paint roller for all smooth surfaces (available with 12 cm and 7 cm refills).

Time-saving, efficient and easy to use, following Nespoli´s motto: Smart solutions, easy life.
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High-Tech filaments from own development

For many years, natural bristals were seen as the best choice for brushes. The bristals were easily available and had a suitable price. But this situation changed. Natural bristles became more expensive and are no longer ideally suited for modern paints. Synthetic filaments are the alternative option, but not all of them provide good results.

Therefore, Nespoli has developed its own synthetic fiber, which is optimally adapted to the requirements of the new paint generation. The filaments named FillPro® are the result of several years of research and are produced in the company´s own production lines. With its conical shape, FillPro® emulates the natural bristles and ensures a higher absorption and release of paint compared to other synthetic filaments. To get the best results in every situation, three different FillPro® types for varnishes, glazes and wall paint were created over the last years. All of them are produced in an environmentally friendly way without using chemicals.
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Clever solution for breaks

Very often, painting projects take longer than one single day. But what are you doing with your tools during a break or overnight? With FreshBox48®, Nespoli offers a comfortable and easy solution for flat brushes.

The right storage of brushes should not be underrated, even though the break takes only a few hours. Just drying out a little and the brush looses his quality and hinders a good application of the paint. But with FreshBox48®, Nespoli developed a practical box, which enables a clean storage and keeps the bristles moist and ready to paint for up to 48 hours*. In this way, there is no need anymore for extensive cleaning and improvising with plastic foil before having a break. In addition, FreshBox48® has also advantages after a single project: It keeps the bristles in form and clean until the next painting job.

*depending on the used paint
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